"Universities have been very good at letting exciting & very valuable research sit in their IP vaults, due to the lack of solutions available"

Prof. Keith McGreggor - Executive Director  | National Instructor
Georgia Tech's Venture Lab

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Our Manifesto

Antelope's mission to help bring more exciting research to the forefront of our daily lives, is guided by a set of 3 principles, that when satisfied, will help us realise this goal. We believe in that research should not just lay idle in institutions but rather act as a beacon for positive, necessary change that will enhance the lives of everyone around us.

Research should be Collaborative

Outside of University-Industry Collaboration, partnerships between Institutions has been a key factor in building a successful spin-out as well as helping to attract top talent. Unfortunately as there hasn't been a level playing field for access to funding for Institutions outside of the Ivy League or Russel Group Universities, collaboration between Universities has taken a backseat to the competitive space that exists for trying to get funding. At Antelope, we are hoping to bridge this divide by providing easier access to capital as well as connecting researchers working on similar R&D efforts.

Access to Funding should be Simple

Access to early funding for Research is essential for a Spin-Outs success but although the vast majority of research IP is fundamentally sound, investors and commercial grant funding agencies focus more on the team that leads the commercialization than the inventors themselves. By building investable teams behind investable solutions, Antelope is helping to unlock millions in supports for more discoveries, as well making it all easily accessible through our platform.

The right Talent should be accessible

The biggest challenge for spin-outs is finding and having access to top industry talent. Academics cannot provide the necessary skill sets to successfully navigate the pathway to commercial success and so, they need to find business co-founders and commercial team leads to turn their ground breaking research into viable start-ups. At Antelope we have replaced the tedious & time intensive process of search with an autonomous matchmaking platform that connects and recommends a plethora of global industry talent, relevant to your research, who can help commercialise your discovery.

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