"We have now begun to partner with external entrepreneurs to run our Spin-Outs when the development is done "

Dr. James O'Sullivan - TTO Manager

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Our Manifesto

Antelope's mission to help bring more exciting research to the forefront of our daily lives, is guided by a set of 3 principles, that when satisfied, will help us realise this goal. We believe in that research should not just lay idle in institutions but rather act as a beacon for positive, necessary change that will enhance the lives of everyone around us.

Research should be Collaborative

As well as University-Industry collaboration, collaboration between different universities is a key factor in the creation of successful spinouts. Collaboration helps to increase both scale and capacity, whilst also helping to attract and retain top talent.

Access to Funding should be Simple

Access to early funding for Research is essential for its success. Universities that rank higher when it comes to commercialisation are the ones that raised funds to help get their ideas off the drawing board. Universities that enable early-stage proof of concepts and prototyping by making early-stage funds available, either internally through their own funds or through collaborative schemes with other funds are more successful at creating spinouts.

The right Talent should be accessible

Talent is considered a ‘consistently challenging’ issue for spinouts. There is a huge demand for the right skills, and spinouts are often viewed as being high-risk propositions compared to more established enterprises. Other challenges include a lack of academics’ understanding of the business world, and limited incentives for them to engage in the commercial world in light of the pressure to ‘publish or perish’.

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