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Any questions?

What if Spin-Outs are conscious about their idea being taken?

NDAs are a crucial part of Antelope’s operations, as we want to reduce friction and barriers for Spin-Outs and researchers to join while also protecting the values they prioritise and hold dear with their ideas. In future iterations of the platform, we aim to provide IP and licensing support for Spin-Outs.

How do Spin-Outs connect with investors through our platform?

On our platform there is an investor marketplace where VCs, syndicates and angels can access your company overview, provided by you throughout your journey with Antelope. To be allowed onto this channel, your company will be independently reviewed & assessed by experts in your company's domain against feasibility, ensuring that adequate due diligence has taken place.

Who is this service for?

Antelope is built to help Spin-Outs unlock their breakthrough research from the IP vaults at their academic institutions by leveraging external industry talent & investment, to commercialise these solutions and bring them to market.

What will the pricing model look like for users

Antelope is subscription based, where our users can choose to be part of annual or monthly subscription plans to utilise our platform & service.

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